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2021 - 2022 Additional Information

Geography and Populations Served

YWCA Minneapolis operates across the Twin Cities with a focus on Minneapolis. Our programs are designed with a focus on those most impacted by opportunity gaps – namely women and girls, people of color, and people living in low-income households – so all members of our community can have access to a healthy future. Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of these populations and are designed to ensure inclusivity and respect to all participants and members of YWCA.

Major Programs

YWCA lives its 131-year tradition of social justice through innovative programs and advocacy in education, racial justice and wellness. YWCA programs create a positive impact in the lives of children, youth, women, and families in the Twin Cities with a special focus on people of color and people living in low-income households. Programs include:

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION provides high-quality, nationally accredited programming to 500+ children, regardless of race, economics or culture and prepares them for success in school and life. This program is fundamentally research-based and features an anti-bias curriculum.

TEACHER WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT trains more than 80 adults for career paths in early learning. Participants gain foundational employment skills and work toward completing a Child Development Associate (CDA) — a recognized post-secondary credential in the field.

RACIAL JUSTICE and PUBLIC POLICY programs empower individuals to take action to eliminate racism and advocate for policy solutions to improve equity.

GIRLS and YOUTH PROGRAMS serve 600+ young people annually, empowering youth with the skills and experience to nurture their confidence, relationships and power to be leaders in their lives and communities.

HEALTH and WELLNESS improves the health of our community through our three fitness centers.

RESOURCELINK connects members of our community with information and referrals for securing basic needs. It was recently developed as a wrap-around support to YWCA programming.