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A Season of Gratitude

Join us from November 24- January 1, virtually or in person, for a mindful practice of gratitude.

Experience mindful moments in all group fitness classes including YWCA Live! Meditation classes, Restorative Yoga, Mat Pilates and more. Tap into multiple resources to build your gratitude practice. Explore the science of gratitude and reflect on our journey together.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is thankful appreciation for what we have. Expressing gratitude reminds us of the amazing people, places, things and circumstances that make up our lives instead of focusing on what we lack. Consistently practicing gratitude can help us:

  • improve our immune systems;
  • lower our blood pressure;
  • sleep longer and feel more refreshed.

A gratitude practice can create higher levels of optimism, happiness and generosity. The more we practice gratitude, the more we recognize the good in our lives.

This year we challenge you to embrace an attitude of gratitude and express your gratitude by acknowledging others.

Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts and Acknowledgement Suggestions

On most days,

  • Write three things or name three people for whom you are grateful for.
  • Reach out to one person and let them know you are grateful for them and why.

Do your best to name new things and people each day. Some days you will have the opportunity to spend more time on special assignments.

Have fun! YWCA Minneapolis is grateful for YOU! Your positive attitude helps create a happier, healthier community where we can thrive.

Gratitude Station

YWCA Minneapolis is a community where many find a sense of togetherness, encouragement, warmth and friendship. As we navigate the multiple crises of this past year, we rely on one another to keep each other well and resilient. Our mission is essential — but it is the incredible people who connect through this mission that makes it powerful.

Do you have a message of gratitude or encouragement you’d like to share?

  • Are you grateful for someone in our YWCA Minneapolis community (i.e. teacher, member, fitness instructor, parent, youth counselor, donor, volunteer, front desk staff, cook, racial justice facilitator, etc.)?
  • In what ways do you experience body gratitude?
  • In what ways do you experience health gratitude?
  • Name something you are grateful for today, this week or from the past.

We’ll share your message publicly in our YWCA communications.