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Beth Smits

Vice President of Fitness/Operations, 24 Hour Fitness


Beth Smits currently serves as the vice president of fitness/operations for 24 Hour Fitness. Before joining 24 Hour Fitness, Ms. Smits held positions at Intuit and Best Buy. During her tenure there, she participated in many game-changing initiatives, most recently as a leader within the strategic growth office. Ms. Smits was closely involved in Best Buy’s acquisition of the Geek Squad and subsequently led both the national roll out of the service business model and the domestic operations of the service business. She also led a major expense reduction initiative that helped take tens of millions of dollars of expense out of Best Buy’s product return and reverse logistics supply chain.

Prior to Best Buy, Ms. Smits spent 10 years as a consultant with Accenture. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis.


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