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Colette Campbell

SVP/Director of Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion, Bremer Bank


Colette Campbell is the chief talent acquisition and diversity officer at Bremer Bank. In her work, Ms. Campbell creates and executes Bremer’s talent acquisition and diversity and inclusion strategies, which include shaping Bremer’s recruiting processes and establishing and growing outreach practices.

Ms. Campbell’s past positions include serving as faculty in business, human resources and human development disciplines. She provided coaching, training and consulting services
for many years through her own consulting business. Ms. Campbell holds degrees in religious studies, counseling, management, leadership and human development.

Ms. Campbell brings both personal and professional diversity to her position. She was raised in Canada by Jamaican-born parents and has lived and/or taught in almost every continent in the world. She is passionate about creating spaces for people to better understand themselves and help others to work better together.


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