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Rachel Whitcomb

Vice President, Technology, Target Corporation


Rachel Whitcomb’s nearly 20-year tenure at Target Corporation has included a wide range of positions leading teams and technology for the organization. After holding a position based out of India, Ms. Whitcomb has returned to a U.S.-based role and is currently vice president, technology, leading Target’s global engineering team to build and operate Target’s digital assets including, Target’s mobile apps and the capabilities that power them.

Ms. Whitcomb’s curiosity and passion for learning frequently extend to teaching and fostering the learning of others. Her commitment to access and opportunity for all fuels this passion. She has been a longtime sponsor and co-creator of entry-level and non-traditional talent programming at Target. She is a frequent speaker and volunteer for organizations focusing on advancing women and girls in technology and she has volunteered with schools, churches and local nonprofits providing services for women, children and under-served populations.

Ms. Whitcomb holds a Master of Bachelor from the Carlson School of Management and undergraduate degrees in communications and computer science. She lives with her husband and four children in Lake Elmo, Minn.


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