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2016 “It’s Time to Talk” Keynote Speaker Justice Alan Page Featured in New York Times

By YWCA of Minneapolis
April 6, 2016
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Often we hear that the children are our future, but what are we, as community members, doing to prepare them for that responsibility? If each of us were to hold a child up to a mirror, the reflection in the mirror would tell us that this child is full of wonder, excitement, anticipation, curiosity and a desire to learn. However, these traits and qualities that are the first reflections of a child’s nature can partially be covered by obstacles a child may face that are beyond their control. Keeping the mirror free of obstacles is what YWCA of Minneapolis does through our Early Childhood Education and Girls and Youth Programs. Justice Alan Page reflects the same commitment through the Page Education Foundation, and we are excited to have him as our keynote speaker for this year’s It’s Time to Talk: Forums on RaceTM event.

Justice Page was recently profiled in The New York Times where he reflects on his storied NFL career and Minnesota Supreme Court appointment. Instead of pondering retirement, Justice Page and his wife are dedicating their time to the transformative value of education through his Foundation to provide scholarships to students of color in Minnesota to attend post-secondary education institutions in the state.

YWCA of Minneapolis is honored to feature Justice Alan Page as keynote speaker on Tuesday, October 18 for our 14th Annual It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race.  It’s Time to Talk is a gathering of more than 1,200 diverse leaders from business, education, arts, government and community service. All attendees share a commitment to improving racial equity in our community and moving Minnesota forward.

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