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45-Day Summer Slimdown Challenge Winner

By Jory Kircher, Fitness Coordinator
July 25, 2016
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The results are in for the first ever 45-Day Summer Slimdown Challenge! Within 45 days (only six weeks!) Rose Lanier lost 8.91% of her total body weight, clinching the first place spot in the Challenge. Sue Siewert came in second place with an 8.75% body weight loss. Each of the top five winners received a percentage of their money back, with first place receiving a full refund in MyRewards.

When we asked first-place-winner Rose Lanier what advice she would have for others trying to get fit and lose weight, she responded, “As a woman in her sixties, I have to pace myself in all things. Moderation and patience with myself are key. When I lose weight too fast, it comes back with a vengeance, so I must not take my current level of fitness for granted.

The entire staff at YWCA Minneapolis has been very supportive of my fitness goals over the years, from the moment of check-in until I leave, happy and sweaty.

I am grateful to YWCA Minneapolis for the affordable registration option. I will use the refund toward this year’s ‘Maintain Not Gain’ challenge happening this fall.”

Sue Siewert also added, “The advice that I have been giving when people ask how I’ve gotten in shape is first to start a weightlifting program. I have been doing the YWCA’s Pumped group fitness class since March. The strength that I have gained makes swimming, biking and hiking so much easier and so much more enjoyable. Thanks for offering the program. I look forward to my next new adventure!”

In an evaluation completed after the challenge, participants said that they enjoyed the support from others during the small group training classes, the accountability from their personal trainer during their personal training sessions and the varied participation levels that made it affordable.

Congratulations to this year’s winner, Rose Lanier, and all Challenge participants!