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A Crucial Part of Life: Exercising with YWCA

By Edith L., YWCA Fitness Member
October 8, 2021
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In this blog post, YWCA fitness member Edith shares her perspectives on life, exercise, group fitness and more.

Presently I describe myself as an exercise devotee! In high school and college, gym was my least favorite class, and I was not good in it!

It was only in my late 30s that I discovered jogging and running. It soon became a passion — I would get up around 5:00 am daily and do a 3-mile run before going to work. This was my time to reflect, think, review the upcoming day, make decisions and solve problems. The vigorous run also kept me from killing irritating people during the day!

Joining a Fitness Facility for the First Time

I joined my first fitness facility (a YMCA) only after retirement when flexible time allowed for explorations of new options. It started with Yoga and Pilates classes, then augmented with the utilization of the exercise equipment. Going to the gym became a daily routine and it also led to new friendships with other members.

A Crucial Part of Life

We moved to Minneapolis in 2015 and, I believe, I joined YWCA Downtown the following year. It is within walking distance from my residence, it had a decent variety of classes at my desired level of exertion and the participants were a group of great people. Exercise is a crucial part of my life and I actually enjoy working out!

“Exercise is a crucial part of my life and I actually enjoy working out!”

A Sense of Group Comradery

What I miss about live classes is having the instructors offer corrections and suggestions to participants regarding their form and stance during the exercise process. In a class setting, it is also easier to keep an eye on the instructor. Likewise, in a live class, there is a sense of group comradery which enhances the enjoyment.

“…in a live class, there is a sense of group comradery which enhances the enjoyment.”

Greater Variety of Classes with YWCA Live!

Nevertheless, the YWCA Live! virtual class setting has had definite benefits for me. Currently, it is possible for me to access instructors and classes which were not available at YWCA Downtown. Now I enjoy a greater variety and a more suitable level of offerings than previously.

Benefits of Working Out at Home

While I miss the atmosphere of a live class and interaction with other participants, the benefits of not having to leave home are quite substantial. No wasted travel time, no weather concerns, and for me, a more appropriate level of courses. I do hope YWCA Live! classes will continue in the future.

Maintaining My Virtual Membership

I find it very difficult to exercise with a mask, and thus have not taken any in-person classes since COVID-19, nor visited the equipment facilities. Although I am only a virtual member at the present, it is important for me to maintain my membership and benefit from the breadth of programs available from YWCA Minneapolis. The instructors on YWCA Live! have been amazing and phenomenal!


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