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A Passion for Purses: Which is in Your Future?

By Alyssa Wolney, Circle of Women Purse Committee Co-Chair
April 12, 2013
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The 17th Annual Circle of Women luncheon is only a few short weeks away and the excitement is certainly building! Last week, the first round of amazing purses was posted to the website and the second round was just posted today. As you may know there are a limited number of purses in the auction: only 100 handbags and over 1,200 women to bid on them! Yes, you might want to come prepared. A little window shopping prior to the event is highly encouraged.

Andrea and I have a wonderfully dedicated and creative team of ladies on the committee this year, and for that we are forever grateful. We have really focused on getting something for everyone and have secured a lot of unique purses, as well as some must-have classics. Please enjoy this little tour of my top three (and trust me — it was very hard to narrow this list down).

I love this “doctor’s bag” by Laga (purse #38). Besides having a great story behind it (made by tsunami survivors in Indonesia), the detailed hand-stitched pattern is just lovely and adds a new dimension to a classic black bag. Plus, the interior is super spacious at 13″ long x 9″ tall x 7″ wide so it can easily fit anything, from a notebook for your morning meeting to a change of clothes for the gym.


Spring has almost arrived, meaning it’s time to bring out some color! And this green-and-cream striped Kate Spade bag (purse #8) is a must-have. Comfortable, cool and casual, I can just picture myself wearing sandals and a light cardigan, walking around Lake Calhoun with a friend, and pulling out a cool canteen of crystal clear water from this purse. Which purse can you picture using? You will definitely see me watching this one at Circle of Women!


For the “wow factor,” I have got to go with this Christian Louboutin evening bag (purse #54). The gunmetal chain and bow is an awesome contrast to the delicately scaled exterior. At 4″ by 6″, there is enough room for the essentials without tempting you to bring your whole life with you to the theater.


OK, fine — I’ve got just one more to tell you about. This George Gina and Lucy purse (purse #5) is just too cute to resist. Of course, the orange accents are so very YWCA, and it is rare to find bold style like this in such an incredibly functional and usable purse. Maha! Boutique hit the nail on the head with this donation (and a couple others) to the purse auction. Oh, and can I mention they are also dressing the runway models? I cannot wait to see the styles they showcase from their store in downtown Wayzata.

I hope you have enjoyed this small sampling of the wonderful handbags. You can view more at the YWCA Circle of Women website.

One last tip: don’t forget to stop by the banner bag table. Local designer Heidi Comfort takes the banner from previous events and transforms it into the most fabulous limited-edition collection of bags. I’ve gotten a sneak peek of this year’s design and am planning to arrive at Circle of Women when doors open at 10:30 am to get one before they sell out. Below are some from last year and, if it is possible, I think they just keep getting better and better. Thank you, Heidi, for keeping the creativity and style coming year after year!

I look forward to seeing you all at the event. Bonne chance!