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BodyFlow™ Q&A with YWCA Instructor Kevin Horne

By Kevin Horne, YWCA Fitness Instructor
April 12, 2018
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Looking for a break from your regular routine of lifting weights, running miles or swimming laps? Look no further than YWCA BodyFlow™ classes! We asked our instructor Kevin Horne to shed some light on BodyFlowTM and here’s what he shared.

Q: What is BodyFlow™ and where did it come from?

A: BodyFlow™ is a blend of Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates with poses and movements that are choreographed to music. Known as BodyBalance™ in the rest of the world, it originates from Les Mills in New Zealand. Every year, Les Mills releases a new track list for classes to follow. The 80th release will mark 20 years of BodyFlow™ and will soon be on its way to YWCA. BodyFlow™ will help you gain a sense of calm and relaxation while still raising your heartbeat and burning calories.

Q: How is music incorporated in BodyFlow™?

A: A BodyFlow™ class is comprised of ten tracks of music whereupon each track is dedicated to a particular purpose or body part. For example, the first track is the warmup track consisting of Tai Chi-based movements. The second track is devoted to Sun Salutations. The class ends with the tenth track and relaxation.

Q: What are the various types of BodyFlow™, if any, and how does it differ from other forms of exercise activities?

A: BodyFlow™ is a trademarked class and there is only one form. What makes BodyFlow™ so unique is that the music and the choreography are connected with each other. I’ve been teaching fitness classes since 1990 and through the years, I learned how to teach using music that has 32-count phrasing. In other words, as long as the music has appropriate beats per minute, then I can mix and match my 32-count patterns to the music.

In BodyFlow™, however, the movements have a deep connection to the music. Sometimes we will hold a pose while a song slows down or move more briskly when the song picks up. The music accentuates the poses and the poses help to express the meaning of music. I love teaching BodyFlow™ because of this relationship.

The other unique aspect of BodyFlow™ is that it is choreographed. That means that you can attend any BodyFlow™ (or BodyBalance™) class in the world and if you recognize the song from a previous release, you will likely begin to remember the choreography.  And if you don’t “remember” it, per se, your muscles might!

Q: Do you focus on breathing in BodyFlow™ and why?

A: I always encourage my class participants to listen to their breath and let their breath be their guide.  When the breath is flowing freely and without labor, then we’re working at an appropriate place.  When the breath becomes more labored, then that’s the cue for us to listen. BodyFlow™ helps us learn how to become more aware of the universe within; it helps us become better acquainted with ourselves and the miracle that is our body.

Q: What are the benefits of engaging in BodyFlow™ exercise?

A: The benefits of BodyFlow™ are like those of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. It helps strengthen the body and core, improve range of motion and flexibility, reduce stress and calm the mind.

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