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Build Your Endurance with Spin Classes

By Leah Holt, YWCA group fitness instructor
November 20, 2018
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Many of us are reluctant to take our training inside for the winter, especially on the bike. But, there are many benefits to attending spin classes in the off-season!

Here are the top five reasons to add a spin class to your winter workout schedule:

#1 Clear Feedback on Your Performance

Most spin bikes have a screen to display your watts and revolutions while you pedal. The new Keiser spin bikes at YWCA even have an app you can download to record your performance over a single spin session and compare previous workouts. Tracking and improving your power output over the winter will keep you focused and have you in good cycling shape when spring arrives.

 #2 More Control

Any rider can challenge their own limits by varying resistance to simulate hills, incline or to build power on a straight away. These practices translate perfectly to being outside and bringing power to the road.

 #3 Low Pressure Environment to Try New Things

Take this pro tip from Kelly Trom, second place winner of this year’s YWCA Women’s Triathlon: “Use spin classes to practice clipping in and out of your pedals and holding an aero position. There is no pressure for newbies in a safe and friendly environment.”

 #4 Build your Base for Spring

If a fun and motivating spin class gets you out the door and on a bike in the winter months when you might otherwise stay home cozied up, you’re improving your fitness. Ultimately, any time you’ve spent on the bike will pay off come spring.

#5 Find your Crew

A spin class is a great place to meet other cyclists, triathletes and recreational riders. The person spinning next to you at 6:00 am over the winter may be a great riding buddy once the weather allows for outdoor excursions.
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