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Career Day at YWCA Beacon Learning Center

By Jim Moua, Girls and Youth Beacon Instructional Educator
May 22, 2017
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When it comes to most middle school students, choosing a career might not be at the top of their priority list. It might seem daunting or so far in the future that they don’t need to think about it now. Rather, they’re probably more focused on day-to-day activities.

Getting a Head Start Thinking About Careers

Choosing a career is a huge decision. At the YWCA Beacon Learning Center at Hmong International Academy (HIA), we feel that giving our middle school students a head start in thinking about careers they might pursue will make it easier for them as they enter high school and start thinking about college.

Annual Career Day for Middle School Students

We recently hosted our annual Career Day for all of the HIA middle school students involved in YWCA afterschool programming at Beacon Learning Center. Each year we invite speakers from all different career fields to attend our career fair and speak to the youth about their career. Youth spend about 30 minutes listening to each speaker and getting to hear more about their careers.

Community Professionals Visit Career Day

We bring in business professionals that youth would be interested in hearing speak. These professionals give students an idea of different careers they could pursue. This year we had a nurse, an Information Technology professional, a car mechanic and a Human Resources representative. These speakers explained details of their job, how and why they decided to pursue the career they did, and most importantly, their college experience.

Encouraging Post-Secondary Education

YWCA Beacon Learning Center staff greatly encourage our youth to pursue a post-secondary education. We provide information about local universities and community colleges that are a more affordable option.

Thank You for Another Successful Year!

Thank you to all of our speakers who attended career day and made an impact on our youth. You inspired our students and helped them understand the possibility of many future careers.