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Celebrating Her Birthday Fundraising For Community

By YWCA Minneapolis
November 9, 2020
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November 10, 2020

Gia Vang, KARE 11 Sunrise anchor, celebrated her birthday this year by asking her friends, family and fans on Facebook to donate to YWCA Minneapolis in honor of her big day. Hear first-hand from Gia about what inspired her to set up the fundraiser and what it meant to her to share this with her networks.

Why did you decide to fundraise for YWCA Minneapolis?

It didn’t feel right to celebrate my birthday this year as I had in the past. I saw a community that was hurting and in need. I wanted to help. I wanted to give specifically to an organization that had honed in on work being done in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd’s killing. I saw what YWCA Minneapolis was doing and knew it was an organization I could support. Then, I thought an online fundraiser would be the easiest way for people who knew me living in different parts of the country to donate.

“It didn’t feel right to celebrate my birthday this year as I had in the past. I saw a community that was hurting and in need.”

Why does supporting YWCA Minneapolis matter to you?

What YWCA Minneapolis has been doing since its inception is critical work. My parents are refugees and I am a woman of color. I can’t help but think that I, or my family, could have benefited from the list of services YWCA Minneapolis offers. I know what it feels like to need help and I also know what it feels like when someone helps you. That’s why if I can help, I will. YWCA Minneapolis was a vessel for me to do that.

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HERE WE GO! Look at that sleepy, confused, slightly mean mug face. ? Well, that girl’s birthday, mine, is August 23. This year, I’m raising money to support YWCA Minneapolis. I think any of the resources offered there would’ve helped that younger me pictured or her family. YWCA Minneapolis has been placed in a critically unique position given the tragic events surrounding #GeorgeFloyd that have taken place in the city in the past couple of months. The nonprofit has set up distribution center at the Midtown location on Lake Street to run throughout the year to help meet the need for the racial justice trainings for the community. A lot is needed at at distribution center, where the hope is to ensure people have groceries, personal hygiene items and other supplies. I will also donate to this cause. I just thought I’d extend the invite to help so we can ensure more families get what they need. How can you donate? Go to my Facebook page, link is in bio. If you want Venmo me, send me a DM and I’ll make sure your donation gets to YWCA. Much more to come over the next couple of days to tell you more about why I’m supporting YWCA Minneapolis. Thank you. Thank you. ❤️ #GiveBack #Volunteer #nonprofit #YWCA #fundraiser

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What were some of your favorite parts of the Facebook fundraiser?

I hadn’t really done a fundraiser like this before, so it was so cool when I got my first donation from an old colleague in Phoenix. And then yes, I was overjoyed that my family, friends and others donated more than $500 total. The social media space is so polarizing right now, so it felt nice to know that my fellow donors were all together in helping me raise money for YWCA Minneapolis.

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