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Celebrating Our Volunteer of the Year

By YWCA Minneapolis
February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021

YWCA Minneapolis is proud to present our Volunteer of the Year! Each year, we celebrate this distinction to highlight one special person for their exceptional dedication and service in advancing our mission.

portrait of a volunteer at YWCA
YWCA Volunteer, Fatuma

This year, we are celebrating Fatuma Abdirahman Mohammed. Fatuma was an invaluable volunteer at our Resource Hub and began volunteering when the hub launched last summer. She provided Somali and Oromo interpretation every Wednesday and Saturday for months, and as we transitioned into the reservation system, she helped make reservation calls in Somali and Oromo.

Better Serving Our Community

Because a large number of community members we serve speak these languages (primarily or exclusively), her work allowed us to better serve an important portion of our community, helping people understand what products we were distributing and how they could pick up supplies.

An Amazing Interpreter, Making People Feel Welcome

Before Fatuma became a volunteer, she was already a part of YWCA’s community. As a fitness member, Fatuma would often come to the gym and work out. When she saw that YWCA was in need of volunteers, she decided she could help. And we are grateful! Without Fatuma, our Resource Hub would not have been as accessible or successful. Fatuma is an amazing interpreter and makes everyone feel welcomed. She helped us tremendously to navigate our community’s needs and succeed in serving over 600 families each week. In all, she volunteered over 128 hours in 2020. She says she’s gotten a lot of experience working with YWCA and that it feels like she’s made an impact.

A Big Year for Volunteers

2020 was a big year for volunteers. Over 3,350 volunteers contributed their time. As a Service Enterprise certified organization, YWCA Minneapolis leverages volunteers and their skills to successfully deliver on our mission. Volunteers change the core of our organization for the better! Want to get involved? Learn about upcoming opportunities.

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