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Claudia Rankine Writes a Thought Provoking Cover Story for The New York Times Magazine

By YWCA of Minneapolis
September 1, 2015
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The Meaning of Serena Williams is the second piece written for The New York Times Magazine, from Claudia Rankine. In this article, Ms. Rankine speaks eloquently on tennis, black excellence and what it means to achieve great success, under less than great circumstances.  Though the focal point of her insightful article is tennis legend, Serena Williams, its theme conveys a strong, universal message for people of all backgrounds.

Most notable about the piece is how Ms. Rankine calls out the expectation that when someone or something does not fit the model of what is considered “normal ” for a community, the individual must assimilate to the norm of that culture for that community.  Instead communities should welcome individuals that differ from the status quo; and work to adapt to those cultural norms to make those individuals feel welcomed and accepted.

The YWCA of Minneapolis Racial Justice Department is dedicated to promoting racial equity by partnering with individuals, organizations and businesses through racial justice training, consulting, advocacy, outreach and education. We are honored to feature Claudia Rankine as keynote speaker on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, for our 13th Annual It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race.  It’s Time to Talk is a gathering of 1200 diverse leaders from business, education, arts, government and community service. All participants share a commitment to improving race relations in our community and moving Minnesota forward.

Click here for more information about how you can attend the 13th Annual It’s Time To Talk: Forums on Race, and join the YWCA of Minneapolis in its mission to break through the barriers that perpetuate racism.