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Connections That Kept Us Coming Back: Q&A with 25+ Year Fitness Members

By YWCA Minneapolis
February 21, 2022
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February 21, 2022

We recently learned more about our incredible 25+ year members! In this Q&A, Cary and Tori tell us how they first became fitness members and what keeps them involved in our YWCA community. Read more below!

When did you first become a member and what brought you here?

Tori: I was originally a member of YWCA St. Paul, so when I moved to Minneapolis, it only made sense to switch to YWCA Minneapolis. Before long Cary and I started attending classes at YWCA Midtown. I took cycling and Cary took BODYPUMP. At Midtown, I wasn’t one of the kettlebell crew, but I was pretty faithful in boot camp. I loved personal training with Leslie!

Cary: I became a member in 1995. Back then I was doing step classes with Linda! I believed in YWCA’s mission and quickly became connected to other members and fitness instructors. As our daughter grew up, we switched to early morning workout classes and took turns getting up early to attend them when possible! We also took kettlebell classes from an incredible instructor, Dawn, and met a group of people that became friends and workout buddies. Those connections kept us coming back. Our daughter was a member of the Otters Swim Team for years.  Today she’s currently a lifeguard, mostly working at the Uptown location.

How has the pandemic affected your workout routine?

Cary: For us, who would faithfully go to YWCA at 5:30 in the morning, the pandemic really changed things. We were used to meeting up friends and working out together, but quickly had to pivot to online Zoom classes!

Cary: We missed YWCA and all the morning regulars. It made me realize how disconnected you can feel when you’re away. We really appreciate the instructors that continue to inspire us to keep moving! Today I was reminded about Brooke’s spin class and how great she and many of the other instructors are. We love the energy, creativity and motivation we get from Brooke, Stephanie, Wendy and EG.

We are so grateful for our amazing members who keep coming back and supporting our mission with their fitness memberships!

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