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Dessa Shares Fitness Tips While on the Road

By YWCA Minneapolis and Dessa, Minneapolis rapper, singer and essayist
July 28, 2016
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In a few days, Minneapolis musicians Dessa and Aby Wolf will set off on a European tour. Before hitting the road, they visited YWCA Uptown to meet with personal trainer Andrew Hossalla and get a few tips on how they can stay in shape, even while traveling.

Below, Dessa shares a snapshot about life on the road, along with some simple and effective exercises you can do anywhere to stay fit this summer. Check out her fitness moves with Aby and Andrew, and watch for additional workout tips to be posted during their tour at #PlanesTrainsAndYWCA.

From Dessa:

“Touring is a strange way to make a living. On one hand, you’ve got an hour-long workday. On the other hand, you have a 23-hour commute. On the road, Aby and I spend a lot of time lugging suitcases from tiny hotel rooms to tiny backstages. There’s a lot of waiting, a lot of time in transit, a lot of time sitting down. Returning from weeks on the road, one does not usually find herself beach-ready. One finds herself sort of squishy.

To try and incorporate a little movement into the day, I’ll often do a few high kicks at gas stations while Aby runs around the parking lot. For this tour, we’re taking it up a notch. Andrew gave us three exercise moves that can be done with a buddy and executed in pretty tight spaces. Jane Fonda, eat your heart out.”