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Downtown Concrete Pour Complete

By Tim Jensen, Downtown YWCA General Manager
April 20, 2015
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Last week was busy with construction and I am very happy to share that the new concrete has been poured on both the upper and lower roof!

Thank you so much for your patience with the parking lot closure last week. And thank you for following construction parking guidelines throughout this week, until the construction crew has completed their clean-up work on the roof. We should have our full parking lot back beginning next week.

I wanted to share a couple of photos so you can see what progress was made last week.

This photo (above) shows the lower rooftop where the toddler playground used to be. This construction worker is putting the final texture on the new concrete using a very, very long broom. This worker had a very steady hand! Dragging the broom across the drying concrete leaves a rough texture that gives better traction in slippery conditions.

This photo (above) is also of the lower roof. The construction worker was working to edge and float the final concrete surface – all the while gliding across the wet concrete perched on top of metal trays that helped to distribute his weight across the drying surface.


This photo (above) shows workers on the upper roof just starting the process of smoothing the wet concrete. As you can tell, the sunny weather last week helped the concrete pour go quickly and according to plan.

It feels fantastic to have our new roof complete and in place! This week the construction team will wrap up their work on the roof, allowing the next 28 days to cure the concrete.

Thank you so much to our members and families for your patience and for following the construction parking guidelines.

This is just the beginning and there are many more exciting updates to our building coming. Stay tuned for more updates!