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Early Childhood Education Curriculum Spotlight: Winter

By YWCA Minneapolis
January 10, 2020
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Our Early Childhood Education curriculum is grounded in anti-bias and child-initiated play and focuses on a whole-child learning approach (covering social, emotional, cognitive and physical development). In our curriculum, we cover different themes throughout the year to help focus children’s learning of new subjects.

We’ve found that winter is a fantastic theme for this time of year. Exploring this important topic is essential since it is such a major part of living in Minnesota – and preschoolers love to dive right in!

Here are some of the questions we ask and explore:

  • What kinds of animals live in a winter climate?
  • How do animals survive in the cold temperatures? What are their homes like?
  • How are snowflakes made?
  • What sports can be played in winter?

Winter Arts and Crafts

Some fun crafty activities include using dark blue paper, white paint and plastic arctic animals to make tracks in the “snow.” A winter home can be made by gluing a clear plastic cup to a paper plate and attaching cotton balls to the outside to create snow. Alongside these projects, children can learn how some animals are equipped for winter and how changes in the weather create the season.

Winter-Themed Books

One great book we read is “A Baby Penguin Story” by Martha Rustad, which is about penguin chicks growing up. Another is  “The Snow Show” by Carolyn Fisher, which is a story about a chef whipping up the fluffiest batch of snow, and investigating evaporation, condensation and precipitation along the way.

Winter is just one of the many themes we explore in our Early Childhood Education classrooms. Read more about how children learn about health and wellness, diversity and social skills with us.

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