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Feeling Welcomed into YWCA’s Fitness Community

By Logan Tidstrom, YWCA Fitness Member
August 6, 2021
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August 6, 2021

Fitness member, Logan Tidstrom, recently shared her story about joining YWCA Minneapolis last September. Read on to hear how YWCA Live! classes helped her exercise more than she has in years — and how YWCA’s community helped Minneapolis feel more like home.

I moved to Minneapolis back in September and was looking for a gym to join. I toured YWCA Downtown and signed up the very next day. You can’t beat the downtown location (only three blocks from my apartment!), and I love the vibe and the values — it’s so much more than a gym!

Something to Look Forward To

I am so thankful for YWCA’s virtual classes — they truly got me through the pandemic! Living in a new city (where I barely knew anyone) during the quarantine, I found that working out was one of the only things I could do on a regular basis. The virtual classes became something to look forward to every day, so much so that I started exercising more than I have in years. And I feel great!

Every Class Feels Like a Community Gathering

YWCA classes keep me accountable because every class feels like a community gathering. Even if there’s a day when I don’t feel like working out, I don’t want to miss out on seeing the classmates and instructors I’ve met both in person and virtually since joining YWCA.

Celebrating Summer with Outdoor Classes

The outdoor classes have been so, so fun! After being cooped up during the quarantine — especially during the Minnesota winter — it’s been amazing to gather in person in the warm weather. The outdoor classes feel like a celebration!

Quiet and Clean in the Facilities

I only have good things to say about visiting the facilities in person. YWCA Downtown has been fairly quiet, and always clean. I joined during the pandemic, and I have felt safe going to the gym the entire time. I thought the pools were handled particularly well, too! I swim once a week, and there was a great system with a sign-up schedule and built-in social distancing.

Feeling Welcomed to a New Community

I love everyone I’ve met through YWCA. Feeling so welcome in the community from the beginning really helped me to settle into my new home in Minneapolis. I can’t say enough good things; I think my friends are all tired of me bringing up how much I love YWCA Minneapolis.

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