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Fostering a Love of Learning with YWCA

By Hilary and Marc, YWCA Early Childhood Education parents
March 29, 2021
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March 29, 2021

In this blog post, parents Hilary and Marc reflect on their family’s experience with YWCA’s Early Childhood Education and share how their daughter has flourished and developed a love of learning throughout the program. 

We have had a great experience at YWCA Children’s Center at Ecolab. Our daughter started as an infant and is now excitedly looking forward to kindergarten in the fall. She has a love of learning, which has been fostered with YWCA, and she is more than ready for the next chapter of her education, both academically and socially.

Delivering on the Promise of High-Quality Child Care

YWCA Children’s Center at Ecolab has delivered on the promise of high-quality child care over the years that we have been there. From day one, as an infant, we have felt comfortable dropping her off each day, knowing we will pick up a well cared for and a usually happy kid that evening.

Excited for What the Day Will Bring

Now as a preschooler, she runs into the building each day, excited for all that the day will bring. Each day she reports a full day of “playing and seeing my friends” but we know that’s code for getting outside, reading books, creative art projects, quiet time, educational opportunities and building relationships with her peers and her teachers.

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