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Free Fitness Membership Encourages Healthy Habits with YWCA Early Childhood Education

By Deb Tomasino, Early Childhood Education Director at YWCA Downtown
February 21, 2018
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(YWCA Early Childhood Education Family interviewed, Julia Silvis and Matt Spies and family)

Habits….we all have them. Some are bad and some are good. We tend to work really hard on breaking our bad habits, but don’t think as much about the good habits we have or can build to create a positive effect on our life.

Helping Our Children Develop Healthy Habits

As parents, it is our task to help our children develop good health habits which build a healthy lifestyle. This also lowers their risk of health-related issues as they get older.

As part of their enrollment in YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Centers, parents receive a free one-year family membership to YWCA health and fitness centers. This, along with free child care while they workout, makes it easier to work toward a healthy lifestyle for their family.

How Do Parents Use Their Free Fitness Membership?

Two parents from YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Centers, Julia Silvis and Matt Spies, share how they incorporate their free family fitness membership and why they choose YWCA for child care and fitness.

How did you learn about YWCA?

Julia: My boyfriend at the time (now husband) added me to his YWCA fitness membership one winter, and it was such a nice treat to have a warm place to work out and especially to swim. I was also impressed that he belonged to YWCA Minneapolis, with its mission of “Eliminating Racism, and Empowering Women” emblazoned above the pool. I figured he must be a good egg.

Why did you decide to enroll your children in YWCA Minneapolis child care?

Julia: We were already members of the gym and were aware of the child care center, but only vaguely. We did a full search (excel spreadsheets and the works!) and it came down to the value and mission, and also coming to a location and seeing a staff we were already friendly with.

Why do you continue to be a part of the YWCA family?

Julia: In addition to the quality child care and mission that brought us in, we have made such good friends with other parents at YWCA Minneapolis. Also, being able to work out right before pick up or after drop off is about the only chance I have most days of getting in a workout. If I had to fit another trip into my day, I simply wouldn’t go. My family has a history of heart disease, and it’s very important to me to get my heart working on a regular basis.

Why do you choose to support YWCA’s mission?

Julia: Part of my work is figuring out ways we, as a region, can be more diverse and inclusive. I am trying to figure out how to raise my kids with those values, too, but I know I need help with that. I value the deliberate approach YWCA Minneapolis takes to its anti-bias curriculum, and the other tools they make available to parents to help us teach those values.

Matt: I want to see my daughter live in a world without sexism, where she has the same opportunities as my son.

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