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From Fitness Member to Staff Member

By YWCA Minneapolis
January 21, 2022
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In this blog we highlight some of our amazing staff members who started out as fitness members, fell in love with our mission and joined our team!

Julleen Randle, YWCA Downtown Member Services

My transition from fitness member to staff member was an unbelievable feeling. I never thought I’d be working at a place that I’ve enjoyed coming to with my kids for over 10 years!

I’ve been working at YWCA Downtown since August 2021 and love that I am able to connect with those who use our facility. What made me come to YWCA was that I wanted to become more healthy and bring my children to a place they enjoyed. My children really enjoy YWCA Midtown, where there is a pool and waterslide for them! My two older boys started log rolling and had their picture taken. This photo was then posted in YWCA’s newsletter! That was an awesome experience to have.

EG Nelson, YWCA Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

I joined YWCA Minneapolis in 2014 after winning a membership from a silent auction. One of the first fitness classes I attended was RIPPED and I felt that it was a fun way to get in a challenging workout. In 2018, my favorite RIPPED instructor (Sarah S.) mentioned during class that a RIPPED instructor training was coming up. I always thought being a fitness instructor would be fun, so I decided to sign up for the training. A few months later got my group fit certification from the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and was officially on board by summer! Later on I became a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine and started training YWCA clients in October of 2021!

I love leading members in engaging workouts, particularly a themed-circuit class full of puns, and using my knowledge to help members move their bodies in ways that feel good to them. Even after a long day at work, members bring the energy to cheer me up. They always seem to help when I’m feeling unmotivated – nothing gets to you the gym faster than being accountable for teaching the class!

The best advice I have for members is that you know your body best. Everyone has areas where they excel as well as limitations. Focus on what feels good for you; your body will tell you if and when you need to make changes.

Jedet Martinez, YWCA Midtown Member Services

I’ve been working with YWCA since December of 2020. The transition from a fitness member to a staff member was a great experience. Since I’d been a member for over a year, I was able to easily transition and recognized many familiar faces in the workplace too. An added bonus from working here is that I’m able to utilize my second language and gain a free gym membership! Working for YWCA has been a great experience thus far, all the staff member are friendly, helpful and there for you when need them.

My favorite part of being a staff member is always feeling welcomed and being part of a great working environment. I learn something new every day, from how to pick up a phone call to registering someone for swimming classes, it’s always something new!

Patty Miller, YWCA Group Fitness Instructor

After a friend told me about the beautiful YWCA in my neighborhood, I rejoined YWCA Minneapolis and immediately fell in love with the pool. I’d taken water fit classes in the past, but it wasn’t until I started taking classes at YWCA Midtown that it became my exercise of choice.

From time to time instructors weren’t able to make the classes, so I was asked to lead. To my surprise, I very much enjoyed instructing, and talked with the Aquatics supervisor about becoming an employee. She was so encouraging, replying with “Let’s do it!” Fast forward to 2022, I’ve now been teaching at YWCA Midtown for over 15 years! I’ve been Aquatics Exercise Association certified for years, and when I’m asked if I ever get tired of it, my response, is, “Sometimes, but the members always keep me coming back.” They’re so appreciative, and I love helping them lead their best possible lives through water exercise!

Nate Kay, YWCA Downtown Member Services

I became a member of YWCA Minneapolis at the age of 12 and started working here at 18. I’ve now been working here for about 6 years. The best part about working for YWCA is having access to all three sites as both a member and staff. I also really enjoy working with my coworkers — the front-end staff at YWCA Downtown are like my little family. We all enjoy each other’s company, work well together and always helping each other out.

I’m also a professional dancer with SHAPESHIFT theatrical, and having a YWCA membership has been very helpful with maintaining my physical health and having access to the studios for when I want to rehearse or create choreography.

We love our amazing staff members who started out as fitness members and joined our team!

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