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Girls Inc. Youth Celebrate International Day of the Girl at Riley Rose

By Leah Eby, Girls Inc. Eurkea! Coordinator
November 16, 2018
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YWCA Girls and Youth participants at Riley Rose with face masks on

Last month, participants in Girls Inc. at YWCA Minneapolis programs gathered for an afternoon of self-care and celebrating International Day of the Girl.

Practicing Loving-Kindness Meditation

First, participants did an activity to help them understand the body’s responses to stress and how compassion and self-care can relieve stress. They practiced loving-kindness meditation to help develop the capacity for self-compassion by placing their hands over their hearts and noticing how their bodies and minds felt, focusing on their breath and reflecting on their emotions.

Fizzing Face Masks and Decorating Tote Bags

Next, as part of a partnership between Girls Inc. National and Riley Rose, a new beauty concept store, participants traveled to Riley Rose where they were treated to fizzing face masks and decorated I Am Inspired Eco Tote Bags.

Reflecting on What it Means to be InspiredRiley Rose Girls and Youth participants

When decorating their tote bags with what inspires them, some participants struggled to come up with a word to fill in the blank. Liah* asked a youth counselor what it means to be inspired. The counselor told her that it is something that brings you joy and that you are willing to work hard for. After thinking for a moment, Liah proudly wrote down “MY BROTHER” on her tote bag.

Meeting a Leader and Role Model from Sigma Beauty

While at Riley Rose, participants also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Simone Xavier, co-founder and chief creative officer at Sigma Beauty, a company known for high-quality makeup brushes and innovative brush cleaning tools. Dr. Xavier shared her experience in science and research before entering the world of makeup.

Dr. Xavier emigrated from Brazil to complete her Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of Minnesota. After graduating, she served as an assistant clinical professor and researcher for many years at the University, where she oversaw the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Molecular Bacteriology and developed tests to help diagnose and control infectious diseases in animals. In 2009, she and her husband, an engineer, launched Sigma Beauty.

A Day of Self-Care: “OK to Take Care of Me…”

Participants finished their day of self-care and celebration by decorating small hand mirrors and writing one word to describe an intention for the year. Participants wrote words like “peace,” “health,” “calm” and “optimism” on their mirrors. As one participant reflected on her experience, she shared, “One thing I learned was that it is OK to think of me and take care of me even if I don’t think I have time.”

I Am Inspired Eco Tote Bags

On International Day of the Girl, Riley Rose launched a beauty box with five products, of which 100 percent of proceeds benefit Girls Inc. In addition, Riley Rose is selling I Am Inspired Eco Tote Bags, with $1 from the sale of each tote bag benefiting Girls Inc.

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