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Happy Children at the End of the Day: Q&A with a YWCA Family

By YWCA Minneapolis
September 2, 2021
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In this Q&A, one of our wonderful Early Childhood Education parents, Trevor, gives us the scoop on the experience his family has had with our Early Childhood Education program and why they love being a part of the YWCA community.

Tell us about your kiddos.

We have two children. Our two-year-old is in the toddler room and is full of energy and loves to play, explore, run, paint and make her brother laugh. Our nine-month-old is in the infant room and is always on the go — crawling and standing. You can always find a smile on his face or laughing with his friends at school and his sister.  

What first drew you to YWCA’s program?

We searched the internet and toured a handful of different centers before finding YWCA Minneapolis. We felt a sense of trust immediately with YWCA teachers and could feel that they had a commitment to the children and their growth.

What has your experience been like?

We have had an amazing experience in the Early Childhood Education program. We love how happy our children are at the end of their day; we always are greeted with smiles. It’s been incredible to see the relationships that our children have built with other children. We also love the diversity and inclusion that YWCA supports. Most of all, we love and truly appreciate the teachers. The teachers truly care about the children as if they were family.

Has the pandemic interrupted child care or family life for you?

There has been a lot of uncertainty throughout the pandemic and the YWCA has been very consistent, understanding and accommodating. They have allowed our family to maintain a level of normality for our child care and our children’s growth while also giving us comfort for their health and safety. 

How have you seen your children grow over the years since first enrolling with YWCA?

It’s been remarkable watching our children grow with YWCA. They both have special bonds with the teachers and their classmates and it’s been rewarding to see those bonds evolve, especially with our two-year-old. Seeing her grow with the same children from the infant room up to the toddler room has been really special. It’s been amazing to see the values that YWCA represents be reflected in our children as they learn and grow. 

What are your favorite parts about YWCA?

We like that our children get to experience the diversity in our community and see them foster relationships with their classmates and teachers. 

We’ve had an amazing experience with YWCA Minneapolis and the Early Childhood Education program and would recommend it to other families!