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Healthy Snacks from YWCA Trainers and Fitness Staff

By Compilation from YWCA Fitness Staff
November 20, 2017
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Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! The morning alarm blares and the last thing you want to do is crawl out of bed and start the day, especially now that it’s still dark outside. You find yourself scurrying around the apartment trying to leave on time and almost forget the most important part of the morning: eating breakfast and planning your lunch and dinner.

Eat What our Personal Trainers Eat

Below, you’ll find a few healthy snack ideas that YWCA personal trainers, coaches and fitness coordinators use to stay healthy day in and day out! They are easy to make ahead of time or put together quickly and you are on the go.

Greek Yogurt with Granola and Almonds

Submitted by Dillon Altonen, YWCA Personal Trainer

I love this snack because it has 20 grams of protein in a cup of yogurt, with a good source of fat in the almonds and carbs to support my workouts!

A second favorite snack of mine is:

Cottage Cheese with Berries (raspberries or blueberries)

This is a great protein source with the cottage cheese and the berries provide antioxidants along with vitamin C!


Raw, Unsalted Sunflower Seeds

Submitted by Tyler Barrett, YWCA Personal Trainer

They’re an inexpensive, low-glycemic index food packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats and abundant in vitamins and minerals.


Prepare Grab-and-Go Foods Ahead of Time

Submitted by Kelli Klein, YWCA Site Coordinator

I frequently prepare grab-and-go foods for the following week so I know the nutritional values without having to calculate each time. Make easy things like:

  • Celery and humus
  • 5-ounce cup of homemade soup
  • Olives and salmon
  • Apples and natural peanut butter
  • Chopped apples with leftover grilled chicken and a little vinaigrette
  • Banana smoothie with peanut butter powder and a little skim milk

Always Include a Protein in Your Snack

Submitted by Diana Person, YWCA Site Coordinator

Roll a piece of cheese in turkey or ham and microwave it for a few seconds; string cheese with an apple; or a banana with peanut butter on it.

Protein Shakes and Protein Bars

Submitted by Ramona Vann, YWCA Personal Trainer

When on the go I try to incorporate Odwalla protein shakes (chocolate is my favorite), Chobani yogurt smoothies and snack bars such as Luna, Larabar, protein and granola bars.

I typically have one to two days each week where I know lunch is going to have to be quick. I usually figure out which days I need to have those quick options to stay on track all day. Make sure you have different options and flavors to choose from!

Snacks are great…but don’t forget to hydrate!

Drinking at least one glass of water per hour and space your snacks throughout the day.

With all of this in mind, what are some of your favorite on-the-go snacks? Share them with us on Twitter by tagging @YWCAMinneapolis.