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“I’ve Loved Becoming a Part of YWCA’s Volunteer Community” Q&A with Bonnie Carlson

By Bonnie Carlson, YWCA Minneapolis volunteer
December 21, 2018
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How did you first get involved with YWCA Minneapolis?

I got involved after I retired from Target Corporation four and a half years ago. I was a receptionist for human resources talent acquisition. I joined YWCA Minneapolis as a fitness member partly because of the convenience of the location since I live a block away from YWCA Downtown.

What prompted you to begin volunteering?

I always wanted to get involved in the community. When Nina, the volunteer and event coordinator, came to our fitness class to share different volunteer opportunities, it encouraged me to volunteer at an event and I loved it. I have loved becoming a part of YWCA’s volunteer community.

Talk about your experience with YWCA. What types of events or programs have you volunteered for?

I volunteered most recently at It’s Time to Talk: Forums on RaceTM this year as a seating attendant; my favorite part was the interactions and the relationships I’ve built with the guests, staff and other volunteers.

How did you feel about the experience of volunteering and being a part of YWCA?

I have felt like I’ve contributed to the program and community and made a difference. It was very rewarding because it allowed me to make a difference!

I enjoy being a part of the Silver Sneakers community here which allowed me to make lasting connections with my fellow Silver Sneakers members. I also love the Silver Sneakers fitness classes such as yoga, cardio dance and Silver Sneakers Classic here.

What would you tell someone who is considering getting more involved at YWCA?

Do it! No, but seriously, everyone should try it – it can open a lot of opportunities that can enrich your life. It has enriched mine! I believe so strongly in YWCA Minneapolis’ mission and volunteering for YWCA Minneapolis allowed me to get to know others and help build a community of changemakers.

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