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Jamar Clark Ruling Demonstrates Change Needed to Eliminate Systemic Racism

By Arnoldo Curiel, Vice President of Racial Justice
March 31, 2016
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Yesterday Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced his decision not to charge Minneapolis Police Officers in the shooting of Jamar Clark.

This decision cannot be viewed in isolation. The lack of trust by members of our community, not only in the legal systems but in all systems that govern our lives in the state of Minnesota, is the result of generations of systemic and institutional racism. Until we, as institutions, address those policies and practices that continue to perpetuate racism, we will continue to see unrest and injustice in our communities.

The YWCA of Minneapolis does not view this as closure on the conversations and actions needed. We must continue to have conversations on disparities, and we must also hold policy and decision makers accountable to inequities – in education, health, housing as well as legal systems – faced by communities of color in our city and state.

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