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Lights, Camera, Action! YWCA Girls Inc. Encourages Media Literacy

By Ma Xiong , YWCA Youth Counselor
March 9, 2017
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Girls Take Another Look at Media Messages

YWCA Girls Inc. led a Media Literacy course during Laura Jeffrey Academy’s January Term to encourage girls to analyze and deconstruct media messages. Girls looked at magazine ads to decipher the hidden media messages surrounding gender; defined the difference between realistic and unrealistic beauty; and further explored how companies market products to girls. The goal of the class was for the youth to create their own media messages by making Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

Watch their final cut of the PSA they created on cyber bullying and their post-production interview session in the video above.

Career Exploration: Women in Media

YWCA Girls Inc. had the opportunity to hear from former news anchor, Diana Pierce and news producer, Panhia Yang Root. They spoke of their experiences as women working in the field of journalism and media communications.

Girls Inc. participants also took a tour of TPT-Twin Cities PBS Studio and went behind the scenes for a view of the recording studios and the Almanac studio set. They also viewed screenings of PBS shows like SciGirls, and then met with the female producers behind the work! Girls were paired one on one with a diverse group of women at TPT for informational interviews, to further explore different careers in media.

Studio Time at Saint Paul Neighborhood Network

To cap off this exciting J-term class, girls went to St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) to interview each other about their Girls Inc. experience. After a quick introduction, the girls lit up the stage and went to work! They performed roles on screen, as camera operators and as technical directors. All the girls had such a great time and were inspired to continue working with SPNN and making their own media.