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Losing 40 Pounds with Caloric Management and Gladiator Class

By Kevin Kamin, YWCA Fitness Member
July 10, 2017
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I’ve been a long-time gym member (10+ years) at YWCA Minneapolis, and I attribute their facilities, and more specifically Anthony Meyer’s Gladiator fitness class, to staying on track. I’ve been taking his class for about five years and wanted to share my experience and success story.

Caloric Management (Exercise!)

I was about 40 pounds heavier when I first started Anthony’s Gladiator class. The watershed moment for me was when I began to understand caloric management. A part of caloric management can be exercise, and I attribute the facilities and resources at YWCA Minneapolis to much of my success.

Being Challenged in Gladiator Class – Even After 5 Years

The class that helped me most was specifically Gladiator, Anthony Meyer’s Small Group Training class. Gladiator is a challenging class, even after taking the class regularly for five years now. It is very rewarding because when you finish the class, you really feel like you’ve accomplished something and have made excellent use of a gym hour. Anthony does a great job of keeping the class interesting and he is constantly introducing new ideas.

Burning Calories in Class, and After

Going back to caloric management, the class burns a lot of calories, and due to the intensity of the workout, you continue to burn calories long after you’ve left the gym.

The Gladiator Spirit

Gladiator has also given me more of a sense of purpose to my workouts outside of class. I’ve personally found I push myself a little harder and a little farther outside of class in the Gladiator spirit.

I’ll see you around the gym, and maybe at a Tuesday or Thursday Gladiator class.

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