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Loving Being a Part of the YWCA Community

By YWCA Minneapolis
May 21, 2021
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May 21, 2021

Laura and Jiani are parents who have two girls, a kindergartener and a toddler. In this Q&A, they give us the scoop on their experience with our Early Childhood Education program at YWCA Downtown and why they love being a part of the YWCA community.

Tell us about your kiddos. 

Our one-and-a-half-year-old loves to “read” books and play with her rubber duck and her doll. We also have a 5-year-old kindergartener who loves to sing, garden, and most of all, play with her little sister. 

How did you first find out about YWCA’s Early Childhood Education program and what drew you to us?

We found YWCA by searching the internet. We toured several other centers as well but were so impressed by YWCA. Not only do the values of YWCA match our own, but we love seeing those values put into action in our community every day. 

What has your experience been like with our program?

We have been so happy with YWCA’s Early Childhood Education program. We love that our kids have such a diverse group of staff to care for them — they can see themselves reflected in their teachers and also learn about cultural diversity. We have met some of our best family friends through YWCA — and those friendships have continued even after our children have grown. 

Has the pandemic interrupted child care or family life for you?

Our kids have needed child care throughout the pandemic. YWCA has been there for us, keeping our kids safe and cared-for with very minimal interruption. The precautions in place have kept our kids healthy — even healthier than pre-pandemic. Being able to use the app to see pictures and notes about our kids is so reassuring for us during the day as well. 

How have you seen your children grow over the years since first enrolling?

Our older daughter has developed strong friendships that continue even though she’s no longer in Early Childhood Education full time. Skills that she learned in the program have helped her navigate kindergarten during the pandemic. Our younger daughter has such great relationships with her teachers. She gets so much interaction during the day, makes artwork, and learns sign language. She’s so happy to go to school and happy when we pick her up.

Anything else to add?

We love being part of this community!

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