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Meltdown is a Great Chance to Restart a Healthy Lifestyle

By Anna Kerr, Personal Trainer/Pilates Trainer, YWCA of Minneapolis
February 1, 2012
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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is a distant memory, New Year’s resolutions have been made and forgotten, and the promise of winter in Minnesota is lurking. As we move into February, the shortest month of the year that yet always seems so long, why not make a recommitment to your health and fitness? The perfect opportunity is just around the corner with Meltdown. Whether you’re looking to mix up your routine a bit, focus on better eating, or drop a few pounds before bikini season hits, there is something for everyone.

The Meltdown is not your typical weight-loss competition. In fact, weight loss doesn’t even have to be one of your goals. It’s all about making healthy lifestyle changes and finding motivation to become who want to be. This year, there are more options available than we’ve ever had. Whether you’re looking for nutrition counseling or a kick-butt kettlebell class, there is one that’s right for you.

I’m especially excited about the new Signature Women’s-Only Meltdown. (Sorry guys!) It’s a heck of deal, including not only the great clinics and support available to all Meltdown participants, but also special clinics on women’s health, a six-week Small Group Training class, a six-week women-only class, and four 30-minute training sessions. So, ladies, if you’re looking for a little help to refocus your routine, check this out.

I’ll be the first to admit that, with our busy lives, it’s tough to find time to really take care of ourselves. But, I can also tell you it’s worth it. I’ve been teaching fitness classes and a personal training for more than ten years. I am a professional in this field. I’ve always felt I have the fitness part under control. Yet, the year I turned 30, I was also the heaviest I’d ever been and didn’t feel like I was the example I wanted to be for my clients and the people who came to my classes every week.

That’s when I really decided I needed to do something to improve my lifestyle. I reassessed everything — from my time management and stress levels, to how I was spending my time working out and what I was eating. It was evident that change was needed. So, I enlisted experts who could help me get where I wanted to be. Take it from me, a strong support system is critical to making lasting change. Don’t be ashamed of where you are or the changes you may need to make. Look them in the eye and tackle your challenges head on.

I encourage everyone to participate in Meltdown, no matter what your goals. Team up with someone you can support and who will support you in return. If you don’t have a teammate in mind, we’ll help you find one. There are clinics and special events planned throughout the entire competition to help you on your way. Check out one of the kickoff parties to learn more about Meltdown and to chat with our personal training and Pilates staff!