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Memorable Summers with YWCA: Good Friends and Great Adventures!

By YWCA Early Childhood Education Team
July 23, 2019
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a group of children in orange shirts walk together across a bridge on a sunny day

YWCA Summer Kids Camp is off to a great start! Our summer camp kids are out-and-about exploring the city on field trips to the Minnesota Zoo, Sea Life Aquarium, Maple Grove Interactive Foundation Park, Franklin Library and fun parks in different neighborhoods.

They especially enjoyed cooling off at the splash pad in Maple Grove, visiting Oliver Kelly Farm, where they pumped wells and carried buckets of water, and seeing their favorite animals up close at the Minnesota Zoo – they even got to touch the stingrays!

children in orange shirt climb a giant play structure in a city park

Swim Lessons, Sports and Outdoor Meals

Some of their favorite activities have been playing Frisbee, soccer and basketball, having meals outdoors and taking weekly swimming lessons at YWCA Midtown.

Themes of the Week: Animal Mania and Water Wonders

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) activities are incorporated into the daily schedule and guide the different educational themes of the week. A few of the themes so far have been nature explorers, animal mania and water wonders.

At YWCA Downtown, they start the morning in the art and science room, with STEAM activities like bracelet-making, drawing and mixing ingredients to create kinetic sand or play dough. Starting the morning with STEAM activities stimulates the brain!

Human Sundials and Milk Carton Boats

children in orange shirts examine different types of rocks under a magnifier

For the theme of nature explorers, the children made a water wall, created a cloud in a jar experiment and formed a human sundial! During water week, the children designed their own milk carton boats and tested them out to see if they would sink or float.

Planting Seeds and Making Animal Friends

At Abbott Northwest, campers planted seeds during the first week. Throughout the summer weeks, they water and care for their plants and watch them grow! The children are also working on a community service project making animal snuggle blankets that will be donated to a local animal shelter once completed.

At YWCA Midtown, many of our campers have made friends with our pet Guinea pigs, Summer and June. They love reading them stories, showing them pictures and feeding them treats.

Explore, Play and Make Memories: Now Enrolling!

At YWCA Summer Kids Camp, children build confidence while enjoying a variety of programs and activities that encourage independence and a joy for learning new skills. Built on a foundation of teamwork and fun, kids get moving with sports, fitness programs and recreational swimming. Children learn through engaging nature and STEAM projects and experience unique multicultural activities. Plus, we explore the city each week on exciting field trips to parks, museums, libraries, theaters and more!

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