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My Experience in “Hidden Gem” Hot Yoga Classes at YWCA Uptown

By Nikolina Erickson-Gunther, YWCA Fitness Member
March 24, 2017
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I’m a devoted follower of the hot yoga classes at YWCA Uptown. I’ve been attending YWCA Uptown since I moved from Boston five years ago and have always been a group fitness kind of gal. I prefer the structure of instructor-led classes over open gym time, and find I typically get a better and more efficient workout than what I push myself to do solo. In 2015 YWCA Uptown installed hot panels in one of the studios, creating a hot yoga program, and I began taking hot yoga classes shortly thereafter.

Heat Helps, and Challenges

From the first class I was extremely smitten with this new (to me) form of fitness; I loved the challenge of heat, which makes moving both easier (the muscles are more relaxed and malleable) and more difficult (it’s really hot!). I never felt uncomfortable during a class, but I’m admittedly a “warm weather person,” so this may be a factor. I love the physical sensation of saunas (especially on the coldest days of our Minnesota winters) and tend to think hot yoga combines the rejuvenative cleansing of a sauna with the therapy of a challenging yoga class.

Different Hot Yoga Class Styles

While both Nick and Jenna have differing instructor styles, together they create a beautiful and well-rounded hot yoga program to experience. Jenna has a more relaxed and steady style, holding poses for longer periods and allowing me to sink deeply into each pose, while Nick has a high-energy effervescent practice, with fun music and a faster, intensive Vinyasa flow. Both instructors provide a uniquely challenging atmosphere, and can (and will) modify their classes for beginner students. I suspect that intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners will especially appreciate the hot yoga classes (I consider myself to have an advanced yoga practice, having taken classes for the past 20 years).

Hot Yoga for Mind/Body Health

I’m especially grateful for these hot classes as a true mind/body solution to concerns I might have about my life and aging process. As various minor injuries and issues have arisen in my joints and muscles, these yoga classes offer me a deep and thorough physical therapy solution to lingering pains. I also participate in a variety of cross-training through the YWCA (I swim, run and use the elliptical, plus I take Step, RIPPED, Bodyflow, Ballet and Kickboxing classes) so I work out for 90-120 minutes a day. I work out this frequently primarily to address previous issues with depression and anxiety, and I find the hot yoga classes “reset” me like nothing else. Plus they provide necessary deep stretching to balance out the high impact cardio classes I also take.

Be Prepared to Sweat!

All in all, I can’t say enough positive things about this hidden gem at YWCA Uptown. Do your internal and external self a favor, try a hot yoga class- and be prepared to sweat!

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