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New Possibilities for the Youngest of Graduates

By Catherine Mahler, Early Childhood Education Specialist
June 21, 2018
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With the end of the school year arriving, many of us have the honor of participating in graduations of all kinds. Here at YWCA Minneapolis, our Early Childhood Education program celebrates the graduation of the preschool children we have had the pleasure of introducing to an educational setting. Some of them enrolled as young babies and others came when they were a little older, but they all came to us with incredible potential to learn, grow and flourish.

In their education at YWCA Minneapolis, children learned:

  • How to adapt to a classroom setting
  • How to appreciate the diversity of others through our anti-bias curriculum
  • About music, rhythm and singing through classes with MacPhail Center for Music
  • About numbers, letters and how to follow directions
  • How to play with others and make good friends

Beginning Their Educational Journeys

This year we have 18 children at YWCA Downtown who will put on little red gowns and little red caps as their family and teachers cheer them on. Graduation for children this young may seem like just a cute event intended for pictures and goodbyes, but it is so much more than that. These four and five-year-olds will leave our program to begin their educational paths as kindergarteners into the world of elementary school and beyond. This graduation represents what is possible in the future ahead and their readiness for the journey.

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