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No Time for Exercise? Free Family Fitness Membership Combines Child Care and Workouts

By Sarah Brouwer, YWCA Early Childhood Education Parent
March 23, 2018
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Meet Sarah: a Parent in YWCA Early Childhood Education

My name is Sarah Brouwer. I am 34 years old, a mom of two, married and a full-time minister at Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown Minneapolis.

I have always been a member of a gym, and I have been a runner since I was 17 years old. Over the years, exercise has been a way for me to unplug, de-stress, get outside, stay motivated, keep my weight managed and feel good.

Now that I am getting older, running and working out are ways I stay healthy. I grew up watching my dad run and workout all the time, and I know seeing him has made me want to model the same for my kids.

Convenient Child Care Location + Valuable Mission

The primary reason I enrolled my kids in YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Downtown was because it is right across the street from where I work. I also value the mission of YWCA and its focus on empowering women and fighting racism in our community. I feel good about giving my money to a child care center that supports this work, is good to its teachers and teaches my children about these values.

Free YWCA Fitness Membership for Newly Enrolled Families

I took advantage of the free YWCA fitness membership because it was a convenient way to workout after dropping off my kids and heading into work. Many of my colleagues and church members work out at YWCA Minneapolis, and YWCA is a community partner with Westminster.

Demonstrating the Value of Healthy Habits to Children

Our kids see that both my husband and I exercise at YWCA Minneapolis. They have been to YWCA Downtown and YWCA Midtown and swim at both places. They run and learn and grow, and are surrounded by diversity through it all.

Building Long-Term Relationships

The staff have always been phenomenal and so friendly and helpful. I have always felt good about supporting YWCA Minneapolis in multiple ways. Once our second child reaches kindergarten age, we will have been supporting YWCA for seven years, and building that kind of relationship with staff and teachers is so wonderful and important to our family.

It’s All About the Early Childhood Teachers

The teachers are why we stay. They really care about our kids and early childhood education. They have been such a helpful resource. The teachers are always communicating well with us, helping our kids through transitions and challenges and teaching them such valuable lessons about justice, friendship and being kind.

Supporting YWCA’s Mission and the Community

I choose to support the mission of YWCA Minneapolis because their work furthers justice in our community. It helps people of all ages learn and grow, and it promotes wellbeing.

In many ways, being a member has changed my outlook. I love the diversity of YWCA Minneapolis and feel really good about where my money is going. It has helped me decide in other ways how our family supports community organizations.

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