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Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab: YWCA Families Celebrate Hmong New Year

By Pheng Moua, YWCA Hmong International Academy Beacons Coordinator
December 18, 2018
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Hmong New Year is an annual celebration known for the tradition of giving thanks for an abundant harvest, celebrating a year’s worth of hard work and gathering at the end of the year to cast away old habits and commence better ones. The Hmong New Year celebration was created to give thanks to ancestors and spirits as well as to welcome the oncoming year. Hmong New Year is a time where families reunite and individuals begin their search for love. The Hmong New Year celebration usually lasts up to 7 days and happens during November, December or January here in the United States.

Hmong New Year Celebration at Hmong International Academy (HIA)

Every year in the month of November, Hmong International Academy celebrates the Hmong New Year. This year, 300+ students, teachers, families and community partners participated in this celebration. There are two scheduled performances – one during the day and one at night time to accommodate families’ schedules. Many of the performers are youth at Hmong International Academy, high school students and volunteers from the Hmong community. Youth practice daily with their peers to put on a great show and showcase their talents of appreciation for their culture. Volunteer performers, such as a Hmong elder, performed many traditional instruments and explained its use in our Hmong culture.

Singing Nursery Rhymes and Wearing Traditional Clothes

Children in kindergarten sang nursery rhymes in Hmong and wore their handmade Hmong hats. Many youth and families dressed in traditional Hmong clothes that range from old tradition to modern styles. Each outfit is also a representation of which clan the families are from and where the clan used to live before coming to the United States.

Collaborating for a Wonderful Celebration

Hmong New Year at Hmong International Academy is always a success with the strong collaboration with YWCA Strong Fast Fit and YWCA Beacon Learning Centers. As part of the afterschool program, YWCA Strong Fast Fit and Beacon participants contributed to the Hmong New Year by attending family engagement committee meetings to plan, assist and provide support to create a wonderful celebration for our community.

About YWCA Beacon Learning Centers

YWCA Beacon Learning Centers are located at two north Minneapolis schools, Hmong International Academy and Franklin Middle School. They offer youth a combination of academic and enrichment activities four days a week. Beacon Learning Center afterschool and summer programs support school success, while providing opportunities for learning and leadership.

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