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Our Son’s Second Home in YWCA Minneapolis Child Care

By Melissa and David Hunter, YWCA Early Childhood parents
April 5, 2018
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For Melissa Hunter, it feels like life is coming full circle as her son attends the preschool room and her new baby will attend the infant room at YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital this summer. Melissa worked as a personal trainer at both YWCA Midtown and YWCA Downtown locations, and she became a Health and Wellness member at YWCA Midtown as a teenager. She has always had a close connection with the people and staff at YWCA Minneapolis. She considers it an honor for her children to be part of the YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education program. Below, Melissa shares more about her experience with YWCA Minneapolis.

Routine and Stable Environment

Our experience as parents at YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital has been wonderful. Our son Isaiah has been enrolled in the Children’s Center since he was 6 months old. He is very close with his teachers and the staff. We love how they greet him each morning. It’s so important for young children to have a routine and stable environment both at home and at school. We feel the Children’s Center is a “second home” that our son goes to Monday – Friday. We are so grateful for the love and support we get from everyone at the Children’s Center.

Dedication to Diversity in Classrooms

The YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education program stands out to us because of the organization’s mission to diversity. We love that our child’s classroom is made up of children and teachers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. We also appreciate the teachers’ dedication to the children. Ms. Mary Beth sends us weekly emails informing us of new happenings in the classroom and keeps us posted on any changes. All of the teachers in his classroom genuinely care about the children. We appreciate how patient and gentle they are with all the children.

Looking Forward to Monday Mornings

We chose to enroll our son in YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education program because it is affordable, in a great location and the teachers are well educated in early childhood development. We feel our child is safe and in good hands with the staff and teachers at YWCA Minneapolis. Our son loves all his teachers and is excited on Sunday night when he gets to go to school again on Monday. That makes us feel confident as parents that our son is receiving great high-quality care.

Family Engagement Activities

We love the Family Engagement activities. Ms. Whitney who is the Center Director, Ms. Breanne who is the Assistant Director and the teachers really do an outstanding job organizing these events. After we attended our first Family Engagement Activity at the Children’s Center, I talked with other parents on how well organized it was and how excited the children were to show off their artwork and other items they created in class.

Our son’s favorite thing about YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education program is his friends. He loves hanging out with them, and we know he is gathering great social skills by playing and learning with his buddies.

“Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work! It does not go unnoticed.”

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