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Parent Interview: High-Quality, Anti-Bias Child Care Brought Our “Happy Kiddos” Back

By Lindsey Kniebel, Early Childhood Education Parent
June 27, 2017
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My husband and I enrolled two of our youngest children in YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Midtown in January 2017 after noticing a change in their usually happy demeanor while attending their previous school. Even though the decision was initially difficult to uproot our children from their routine, we couldn’t be happier with their new school. When thinking about where we wanted to send our children, we decided on YWCA Minneapolis because we are health and fitness members. We also wanted a program close to home with experienced teachers, a focus on high-quality education and an anti-bias curriculum.

After seeing my children return to their joyful selves, I couldn’t resist posting an update on Instagram:

“G&O started a new school this week, and they are completely different children. We have our happy kiddos back. The school we selected initially was not a good fit for our kids. But like all things when parenting, it’s hard to know when to call it. But we did, and made a great choice for our family. Thanks to the awesome teachers and brilliant curriculum at the midtown @ywcampls we are so grateful for your skill and experience.”

Thriving in a Positive, Structured Environment

YWCA Children’s Center at Midtown is such a consistent, positive environment for our kiddos. I’ve been so thrilled with our new school that I wanted to share our experience.

We had our two youngest children in the 3 and 4/5 year old classrooms. Both of our children thrived in their classrooms. The teachers and teaching aides are incredibly experienced and skilled at managing the classroom, energy and moods of the children.

The school we had them at previously had very young, inexperienced teachers with very little classroom management skills. Our children struggled greatly in the previous school because of the lack of structure, firm and fair teaching and an organizing principle (curriculum).

Established Anti-Bias Curriculum

YWCA Minneapolis has a very established and intentional curriculum that provides both stability, consistency and learning. I love the open-minded approach and acceptance that is embedded within YWCA’s anti-bias curriculum. My son had a phase where he wore dresses every day and wanted to be called Ella. He could not have been in a better environment. The teachers were kind, and in turn so were the students.

I can’t say enough about my children’s teachers! They are both fantastic. Anna is a lovely calming force in the classroom for my daughter and Denise is very patient and positive with my son.

Enjoying the Summer Schedule

I have the summers off from work and choose to have our children home with me during the summer. Our son and daughter will be going back to YWCA’s child care program at YWCA Midtown in the fall and can’t wait. While I know they enjoy being home with their momma, they are already asking about when they can see their friends and teachers again.

I would absolutely recommend the YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Program to parents. It is such a wonderful program!

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