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Parent Interview: Teachers Provide Individual Attention and Care

By Emily Strong, YWCA Early Childhood Education Parent
October 9, 2017
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My son started at an in-home daycare as I was VERY nervous about a center. I didn’t think my child would get the “individualized attention” I thought he deserved. I was completely blown away when after just one week at YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Ecolab, the teachers (and I do mean ALL of the teachers) knew my son and our family.

We now have our daughter in the program and my son has moved on to grade school. When he comes with us to pick up his sister, the teachers still make time to greet him, hug him and share in a special conversation. The amount of individualized attention and love the teachers show my children is truly awesome.

What makes YWCA Minneapolis’ Early Childhood Education Program stand out? 

The sincerity of the teachers. They truly love my children and make time to show them. I know my children are safe and cared for when they are at YWCA Minneapolis.

Why do you choose to enroll your children in YWCA’s child care program when you have so many other options for child care?

To be honest, we needed to find child care within one day, so we set up four visits to child care centers in our hometown of Inver Grove Heights and two in downtown St. Paul. YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Ecolab was our third tour. On the tour, we stepped outside onto the playground and that’s when I knew this would be the perfect space for my kids. Watching the teachers interact with the children, hearing their squeals (and even some cries) and a whole lot of fun activity made me realize this was the perfect place for my high-energy kid.

Would you like to say anything about your child’s teachers?


Tsehay, Darlene and Stella are superb with the babies. They are loving and kind and manage the stress of infants with grace and humor. They still make time for my daughter even though she is in the three-year-old room.

Diane and Rachel: these women have the patience of saints as they really are the first introduction our children have to learning social norms and how to interact with other humans. They teach them to eat, respect others in the room and help navigate difficult farewells to parents each day.

Betsy, Kathy and Lara have their hands full and they manage it with grace and kindness. They have this wonderful balance of structure and fun that really teach the kids limits and social norms.  They take our kids and work with them to understand how the world works and provide gentle guidance toward the fact that interaction with others is an essential part of life.

LaSandra and Lily: these women have the job of potty training our kids and they are fabulous.  They are excellent resources to parents too, to help facilitate this major phase in our kids’ lives.

Jose, Vickie, Elsa and Felicia work to integrate science, math, art and social awareness with kids.  I am so happy that both of my children had the opportunity to learn from Jose. He taught them both to develop their vocabulary, problem solving skills and how to ask for the things they want or need without tears or fits.

Jill and Shari: I cannot say enough about these women. My son was incredibly prepared for kindergarten with the skills taught by Jill and Shari. I could not be more grateful for what they do.  They also work to engage the children in social issues of race, civics and ethics in a way that is totally age appropriate. This room is my least favorite only because I know that once Shari and Jill get my kids, their “little years” are ending and they have to move on to school.

Almaz: She is so kind and thoughtful. She has helped my daughter transition to a new room, during a pretty tumultuous time in our family while I was sick with cancer. She always makes a point to hug me and bless me and provide extra special care for my daughter. Almaz is an incredible asset to the Ecolab team!

Robyn and Becky are absolutely dedicated to their staff and the families who attend the child care center. They do an excellent job managing the staff and general chaos that goes along with working in child care. Any time I have had a question or complaint, they address it immediately and professionally.

Do you participate in any of the family engagement activities at Ecolab? Are these events important to you?

ABSOLUTELY! The parenting sessions they host with “Behave Your Best” and the lovely events they have for families like picnics and the graduation ceremony are wonderful. They do so much for our families.

What would your children say is their favorite thing about YWCA’s Early Childhood Education program?

In this order (I asked them): The teachers, the food and the field trips.

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