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Parent Interview: Watching My Children Learn and Grow

By Kaila Johnson, YWCA Early Childhood Education Parent
November 28, 2017
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What has your experience been like as a parent in the YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program? 

My experience has been wonderful and welcoming. I like how my children have grown and learned so much since enrolling in the YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning. My 1 ½-year-old daughter is singing part of her ABCs! This is my first time putting my children in child care, and I am very satisfied.

Why do you choose to enroll your children in the YWCA ECE program when you have so many other options for child care?

I enrolled my children in the Early Childhood Education program at Hubbs a little over two years ago because I am a security guard at Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning. Initially, I loved the convenience of having my children so close and knowing I can easily check on them during the day while I’m at work. Now that I see how much they are learning, I know I made the right decision placing them in the Children’s Center at Hubbs. Not only do I know they are safe and I can visit them anytime, but I know they are learning every day and meeting their developmental milestones.

How many children do you have enrolled in the ECE program?

I have two children in the Center. My daughter is in the Toddler classroom and my three-year-old son is in the Preschool Room.

What makes the YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education Program stand out?

The staff – The teachers are great! They are nice and patient with both me and my children. They take time to answer all of my questions, and I love to watch them interact with my children. My kids talk about their teachers while they are at home. I know the teachers have a big influence on their education and manners. They are also helping to potty-train my son. I appreciate the teachers and staff at the Children’s Centers at Hubbs so much.

Do you participate in any of the Family Engagement activities at Hubbs? Are these events important to you?

I do participate in the family events, and I’m thankful the Children’s Center hosts them. I think the events are important for me to learn other ways to play and interact with my kids.

What would your children say is their favorite thing about the YWCA ECE program?

My son says he likes to play with other kids and sing his ABCs.

I would absolutely recommend the YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Program to parents. It is such a wonderful program!

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