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Partners in His Growth: Our Experience with YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education

By Mesa, Early Childhood Education parent
October 24, 2019
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October 24, 2019

Axel is two years old and is enrolled in YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education at Ecolab. Below his mom, Mesa, writes about the whole family’s experience with the program and how they see YWCA teachers as partners in his growth and development.

Our experience with YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education has been fantastic. Our son, Axel, has been with the program since he was six months old – his very first day care experience. Now that he’s two and a half, it’s been amazing to see his development progress – from a social, emotional, cognitive and physical perspective.

“All of the staff know Axel by name, and they are as invested in his growth, development and happiness as we are.”

Staff are True Partners with Parents

There have been a few times when we’ve been working on specific milestones and the teachers have helped coach us on how to approach the situation and have been consistent partners in working to achieve those milestones. The teachers have always proactively scheduled conferences, provided resources and been great sources of advice – which is really appreciated by first-time parents (especially during the first year!)

“The staff cares so much about each of the children, and they are true partners with the parents in ensuring that each child gets the most they can out of the program.”

A Mix of Activities and Focus Areas

I love the mix of activities and focus areas – everything from “theme days” to field trips to reading sessions with a local librarian to music class. Plus there’s plenty of outside time, a huge indoor room with lots of space and equipment to be active during those long Minnesota winters, and opportunities to be creative and messy with artwork.

Bubble Parties and Celebrating Special Days

We’ve participated in a few family engagement activities – including the “bubble parties” and other theme events. It’s a great opportunity to talk with Axel’s teachers and meet his friends and their families. I also love how the teachers work to make days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day really special – it’s a nice touch, especially for first-time parents like us!

Axel loves his YWCA Minneapolis teachers and friends! His favorite things to do at “school” are to ride the bikes in the muscle room, painting during art time and of course hug his teachers.

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