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Meet our Pickleball Stars —Mackenzie and Luke

By YWCA Minneapolis
February 10, 2023
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We recently learned how Mackenzie and Luke went from becoming members of YWCA Minneapolis to starting their Pickleball league!

When did you become members, and what brought you to YWCA Minneapolis?

We became members when we bought our house nearly ten years ago, just a few blocks from YWCA. We’ve always been members of either YMCA or YWCA, depending on where we lived and we knew we wanted to continue being part of this community. We like the variety of machines and all the different workout spaces. [Mackenzie and Luke]

There is something for everyone, regardless of experience and fitness level. —Luke

Pickleball at YWCA Minneapolis!

We worked with Bruce to rent the gym on Thursday nights to host a Pickleball league for our family & friends. It’s a casual set-up; we split into teams based on who shows up each week and rotate throughout the evening, playing as many games as possible. We recently started doing one-night tournaments, which upped the competition. This is the first time that many in our group have played pickleball, and everyone loves it! It’s something we all certainly look forward to each week!  [Mackenzie and Luke]


What are your favorite parts of being a member?

We both enjoy being part of and supporting our community. We also align with the mission of YWCA Minneapolis. [Mackenzie and Luke]

I enjoy the spontaneous conversations I have with other members while working out. Some folks always seem to be there at the same time as me, and it’s nice to say hello to a familiar face. [Mackenzie]

Do you have any advice for others on staying healthy, active and well?

Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise consistently. Exercise has always been a part of my lifestyle as it provides an escape from daily struggles. I’ve committed myself to 45- 60 minutes a couple of times a week as it helps me maintain my head with all the other pressures of life. [Luke]

A few years ago, we decided to try removing meat from our diets. It’s something we’ve committed to since, and we think it helps us feel better while also helping the environment. We consider ourselves ‘flexitarians’ – meaning, we don’t buy or make meat at home (except for some occasional bacon for weekend breakfasts!), but if we go out to dinner or are traveling, then we allow ourselves to eat whatever. [Mackenzie]

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