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Reproductive Freedom Lobby Day 2023 at the Capitol!

By YWCA Minneapolis
March 8, 2023
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On Tuesday, February 21, members from our Contact Plus and Racial Justice and Public Policy team attended Reproductive Freedom Day 2023, hosted by UnRestrict Minnesota. As new coalition members of UnRestrict Minnesota, we were proud to be louder and stronger than ever to push decision makers to pass bold legislation protecting and expanding abortion access in Minnesota.

YWCA Minneapolis, UnRestrtict Minnesota members and Representative Jamie Long

About UnRestrict Minnesota

UnRestrict Minnesota works to protect, expand and destigmatize access to abortion care — and all reproductive healthcare — in Minnesota through public education, advocacy and the law. Led by a multi-racial coalition of LGBTQ+ advocates, faith communities, clinicians, activists, doctors, abortion funds, lawyers, organizers, healthcare clinics, doulas, podcasts and more!

Our vision is to achieve full reproductive justice, an organizing framework created by Black women where every person has the ability to decide if, when, and how to become a parent; raise healthy children in safe and thriving communities; and have gender freedom and bodily autonomy. — UnRestrict Minnesota

Reproductive Freedom Lobby Day 2023

The day consisted of engaging in education around the three Reproductive Freedom bills that are currently on the table, meeting with our legislators in support of these bills and attending an end-of-day rally. Despite the impending snow, the day was full of energized individuals, ready to discuss why Reproductive Freedom is important to them. 

The three bills we were advocating for that are a part of UnRestrict Minnesota’s agenda include: 

  1. The Reproductive Freedom Codification Act (HF 91/SF 70), which repeals anti-abortion laws that are still in Minnesota law books
  1. The Reproductive Freedom Defense Act (HF 366/SF 165), which creates protections for both people seeking abortions in Minnesota as well as providers to avoid other state’s restrictions from crossing state lines
  2. The Positive Pregnancies Support Act (HF 289/SF 336), which requires agencies that receive state grant funding to provide medically accurate information about pregnancy and abortions as well as prohibits agencies from pushing for certain pregnancy outcomes over others

Learn more about these bills

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