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Self-Defense for Women Teaches Confidence as Well as Skill

By Brent Gross, Certified Personal Trainer, YWCA of Minneapolis
February 8, 2012
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YWCA members have more resources than ever for exploring martial arts and combat sports. We currently offer Self-Defense for Women, Boxing and Tai Chi. Self-Defense for Women is different from Boxing, but they share a common theme. You’ll leave the first class with improved hand-to-hand combat skill. But these are not violent classes; at the YWCA, it’s completely about fitness.

I teach the Self-Defense for Women course, and though it’s called “self-defense,” the skills you learn can be used to protect anyone you care about.  I encourage all who are interested to take the leap and sign up.  The YWCA offers six hours of instruction at an excellent price. By the end of the course, you’ll feel more empowered and confident in your personal space. It’s a good workout too, but not too intense, so don’t be intimidated.

Self-Defense for Women is not designed to promote combat or contest. We’ll hit things and do scenario training, but never with the intent of hurting our training partner. Unlike some other combat sports, Self-Defense has no rules, no referees, and no weight classes. Our class is designed with the goal of empowering every participant, so if attacked, you won’t shut down or flip out.

Teaching Self-Defense is very rewarding for me, requiring me to distill ten years of martial arts experience into six hours of useful information. It’s an immense challenge, but the experience deepens my perspective every time. I come to class prepared to learn from my participants, and I’m happy to learn from you. If you have any questions about the class, self-defense or martial arts, bring them to class!