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Something for Everyone — Q&A with Alex

By YWCA Minneapolis
June 27, 2022
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June 27, 2022

We recently learned more about one of our fitness members, Alex Whitaker. In this Q&A, Alex tells us when he first became a fitness member, what makes him feel comfortable about visiting our fitness centers and his advice for staying healthy and active throughout the years. Read Alex’s story below!

When did you first become a member?

I started my membership with YWCA Minneapolis in January 2022. At the time I was looking for gyms that took pandemic precautions and YWCA Minneapolis played the part!

I feel comfortable and safe when I visit YWCA Minneapolis facilities. 

How has the pandemic affected your workout routine?

I used to work out a lot, but when the pandemic started, I was nervous to go to the gym. This is when I started working out on my own at home, which made it difficult to get into a consistent schedule and made it easy to lose interest in exercising. That all changed when I joined YWCA Minneapolis in January.

What do you like most about exercising with us?

I like going to the gym in person at set times because I know that there will always be space to work out. Being on a schedule and having a place to go, specifically, helps me stay consistent. I enjoy going to the Downtown location, where it’s always clean!

YWCA Minneapolis has a little bit of everything, including classes. There’s something for everyone!

What are your favorite parts of being a member?

I’ve learned a lot from working out with my personal trainer, Huseyin Celik, and really enjoy my sessions with him. Having a personal trainer helps me push myself more than I would on my own and is the main reason I keep coming back to an in-person gym.


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I really value the time I get to spend in training sessions.

Do you have any advice for others on staying healthy and active?

When I have off days, I try to do something minimal for myself, even if it’s a walk. Anything is better than nothing and to me, that’s the most important to stay in the habit.

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