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Summer Zumba Parties at the Farmers Market: Come Dance with Us!

By Tania Mitchell, YWCA Zumba instructor and Kelli Klein, YWCA Midtown health and fitness coordinator
June 5, 2019
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Summer is here! Minnesota summers are too short and our winters are so long – so when it’s finally warm out, many of us like to get as much outside time as possible. One great way to celebrate summer is to join an outdoor Zumba class at the Midtown Farmers Market! These classes have become a much-loved summer staple for the whole community.

Zumba participants outside in motion, mid-dance move

Everyone Welcome to Dance

One of the great things about the farmers market is that people who don’t necessarily have access to group fitness classes can join us in that space. This is a free class and everyone is welcome!

The classes are full of YWCA Minneapolis members, market-goers and even commuters who come down after their workday to dance for a song or two. Sometimes, parents will come to the farmers market and drop their kids off at the class while they shop for groceries. In fact, if you have little ones who need to burn off energy, this class is perfect!

Children Dancing and Encouraging Others

Last year, groups of children ages three, five and 10 years old joined in, which brought new energy to the class. One young girl at the front would copy the moves and encourage participants to keep moving. That kind of energy is a lot of fun and very different from what we experience in the studio class.

Zumba participants outside in motion, mid-dance move

Rules for Zumba: Move and Have Fun!

For those new to Zumba, the class is 55 minutes long – you dance to 15 different songs, which includes two for warmup and one for cool-down and stretching. The remaining 12 songs follow the “Zumba formula,” which include four rhythms: salsa, cumbia, merengue and reggaeton. Participants copy the instructor’s dance moves follow-the-leader style, but are encouraged to add their own spice and flair to the moves as much as they’d like.

The only two rules of Zumba are to keep moving and have fun! It’s a party atmosphere full of great music, dancing and people around you eating, shopping and enjoying themselves – it all makes working out fun.

Upcoming Classes

These classes are offered every Tuesday (weather permitting) 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm in the summer at the Midtown Farmers Market. We hope to see you there!

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