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Teaching Youth Care and Compassion at YWCA Minneapolis

By YWCA Minneapolis
July 5, 2023
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We believe that celebrating the graduation of our preschoolers is an essential step in their move to kindergarten. YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education centers have been like a second home for many of our little learners. A place where they have mastered so many new skills like rolling over, crawling, talking, walking, running, making new friends and so many others that will carry with them through their journey.  

We have taught them the importance of being kind and compassionate to one another and that the things that make us different are often the best things about us.  

Preschool Graduation at YWCA

This year, each of our five centers has children graduating from our Preschool Program at YWCA Minneapolis. Each center does graduation differently, but in the space filled with supportive family members, friends and staff there are always little gowns and caps on very excited children, ready to move onto the next step, even if it might be a little scary.

We often ask our graduates what they want to be when they grow up, and we get the best answers.

I want to be the President of the United States! I want to be a doctor!

Others include a lawyer, teacher, rock star, Spider-Man and even a crayon. We genuinely hope that our little learners reach their dreams.  

A Note to the Graduating Class of 2023 and 2036 

YWCA Minneapolis wishes all our 2023 preschool graduates well as they leave our centers to enter the world. We know they will apply the skills we have given them as they continue successful new beginnings in their educational and life journey.