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Testing Food Technology with Girls Inc.

By Jazmyn Becker, Program Coordinator, Girls Inc. at YWCA Minneapolis
November 21, 2017
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Learning About Food Science

Participants from Girls Inc. at YWCA Minneapolis programs gathered for a fun food science workshop hosted by the Minnesota Institute of Food Technologists New Professionals Group. The professionals represented a variety of careers in food science and included the following companies: Buffalo Wild Wings, General Mills and Bellisio Foods, Inc.

Before the food science workshop I thought food science sounded cool, but I didn’t know what it was. After I learned it was a career, I would ABSOLUTELY consider a career in food science.

Conducting Cool Experiments

After learning more about career options, the girls conducted experiments directly correlated to careers in the field.

The “Eating with your Eyes” experiment was a favorite among the girls. Different flavored sparkling waters had food coloring added, and girls used their five senses to predict the flavor. The flavor did not correlate with the color, and the girls were surprised to learn how important coloring is to the appeal and perceived flavor of food.

Another favorite activity was learning about the importance of sanitation when handling food. Girls placed “glo-germ” product on their hands and then viewed the “germs” under a flashlight. They washed their hands for different time spans to see the impact of handwashing. The girls discussed how different germ strains passed from raw meat and other contaminated items, and the importance of washing their hands.

Food Science Careers

One participant said, “I learned a lot about all the jobs in food science from the workshop, and I would definitely consider a career in it!

Girls Inc. programming develops enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The partnership with MN Institute of Food Technologists is a great way to encourage girls to consider a career in the food sciences!

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