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“Thanks for Being Goofy and Giggly”: Families Show Appreciation for YWCA Teachers

By YWCA Minneapolis
May 7, 2019
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This week, we are celebrating 2019 National Teacher Appreciation Week. Our amazing Early Childhood Education teachers play an incredibly important role in educating children and setting them up for success throughout their lives. We are extremely thankful for their dedication, skills and passion for teaching young children!

The families at YWCA Children’s Centers got into the spirit of the week by writing notes to show their appreciation. Check out some of the love they had to share below.

Letting Me Do Free Play

“Dear Kyle, Thank you for keeping me safe and letting me do free play. I am going to go to Kindergarten.”

A YWCA parent had more to say about Kyle: “Our son, Noah, has been going to child care at YWCA since he was 20 months old. He is five years old now. He’s had some wonderful and very exceptional teachers during his time here. No other teacher has spent more time with Noah than Kyle. Since our first experience with Kyle, we noticed his patience and quickness to build rapport both with Noah and us. We believe that Noah truly benefited from having his preschool experience shaped by a great teacher. We will be forever grateful for having had Kyle as one of his first teachers in life.”

Goofy and Giggly

“Dear Katherine, Thank you for being as goofy and giggly as I am. Thank you for pretending with me.”

You Always Hug Me

“Dear Pascal, I love you because you always hug me when I leave school.”

Best Teacher I’ve Ever Known

“Dear Miss Sherry, I love you very much. Thank you for taking care of me. You’re the best teacher I’ve ever known in my whole life. 🙂 <3”

Books about Garbage and Sweet Bananas

“Dear Elizabeth, Thanks for reading me books at naptime. Thanks for letting us eat apples. Thanks for teaching us great books about garbage and the sweet bananas.”

A Painting for All of You

“Dear Miss Yazmin, Victor and Bobby, You make me feel happy and good! I love coming to school and love painting. This is a painting for all of you. Thank you!”

You Teach Me Manners


“Dear Ms. Sherry, I enjoy being a student in your class. You teach me manners and how to respect others. You’re awesome.”

Somehow Helping Me Nap

“Dear Merry, Thank you for helping me start my day, even though I’m not always a morning person. Thank you for somehow helping me nap. Thank you for giving me jobs that make me feel helpful and important.”

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